2021 NGA Regional Championship

On May 6 and 7, our NGA teams competed virtually in the region 5-8 competition. We are proud to share that 16 of our gymnasts earned regional titles!

gymnastics unlimited regional champions

  • Kallista (Level 2): bars, beam & all-around
  • Halle (Level 2): vault
  • Evie (Level 2): floor
  • Carolyn (Level 3): vault, bars, all-around
  • Samantha (Level 3): bars, beam, all-around
  • Kelly (Level 3): beam
  • Gwen (Level 4): floor
  • Illiriana (Level 4): beam, floor
  • Violet (Level 5): floor
  • Sofia (Level 6): floor, all-around
  • Brooke (Level 7): vault, beam
  • Ally R. (Level 8): vault, floor
  • Cara V (Gold) beam
  • Leah (Gold) bars
  • Olivia (Platinum): vault, all-around
  • Amy (Platinum): beam

Full meet results below:

Level 2

gymnastics unlimited silver team

Kallista D.9.200 (4th)9.550 (1st)9.300 (1st)9.100 (9th)37.150 (1st)
Maeve R.9.250 (3rd)9.150 (4th)9.350 (4th)9.400 (4th)37.150 (3rd)
Halle R.9.350 (1st)9.050 (6th)9.250 (3rd)9.450 (4th)37.100 (2nd)
Evie M.8.900 (8th)9.250 (5th)9.275 (2nd)9.650 (1st)37.075 (3rd)
Juliette S.8.800 (8th)9.100 (6th)9.400 (3rd)9.400 4th)36.700 (4th)
Shannon P.8.600 (6th)9.150 (4th)9.225 (6th)9.300 (8th)36.275 (6th)
Alexandria D.8.750 (10th)8.750 (11th)9.150 (5th)9.050 (10th)35.700 (10th)
Allie D.8.500 (7th)7.700 (10th)9.100 (7th)9.550 (4th)34.850 (8th)

Level 3

gymnastics unlimited level 3 and 4 teams

Carolyn G.9.550 (1st)9.750 (1st)9.675 (2nd)9.600 (2nd)38.575 (1st)
Samantha Y.9.100 (4th)9.750 (1st)9.525 (1st)9.400 (4th)37.775 (1st)
Kelly R.9.150 (4th)9.450 (5th)9.425 (1st)9.600 (2nd)37.625 (1st)
Mackenzie S.8.750 (9th)8.900 (10th)8.500 (12th)9.150 (10th)35.300 (11th)

Level 4

Gwen S.9.375 (3rd)9.450 (2nd)9.400 (5th)9.650 (1st)37.875 (2nd)
Illiriana M.9.100 (8th)9.300 (6th)9.550 (1st)9.650 (1st)37.600 (2nd)
Sophia M.9.150 (4th)9.400 (2nd)9.200 (7th)9.150 (5th)36.900 (2nd)
Christianna G.9.150 (4th)8.550 (9th)9.300 (4th)9.100 (6th)36.100 (6th)

Level 5 & 6

gymnastics unlimited 5 6 7 8 team

Violet A.59.200 (6th)7.900 (8th)9.275 (2nd)9.600 (1st)35.975 (4th)
Sofia T.69.250 (2nd)8.800 (3rd)9.550 (4th)9.650 (1st)37.250 (1st)
Sophia M.69.100 (5th)8.600 (5th)9.600 (2nd)8.550 (11th)35.850 (5th)
Dakota B.69.150 (4th)7.750 (8th)8.850 (11th)8.700 (10th)34.450 (9th)
Laurel R.68.800 (10th)5.000 (11th)9.450 (6th)9.200 (6th)32.450 (11th)

Level 7 & 8

Brooke B.79.450 (1st)7.550 (10th)9.600 (1st)9.150 (6th)35.750 (5th)
Payton F.79.325 (2nd)8.000 (5th)9.050 (2nd)9.300 (3rd)35.675 (3rd)
Olivia S.79.350 (2nd)6.900 (12th)9.400 (3rd)9.400 (4th)35.050 (6th)
Allison G.78.900 (6th)7.850 (9th)9.050 (5th)9.000 (9th)34.800 (7th)
Ally R.89.600 (1st)8.200 (7th)9.200 (4th)9.750 (1st)36.750 (3rd)


gymnastics unlimited gold teama

Cara V.8.700 (3rd)9.300 (2nd)9.350 (1st)9.150 (3rd)36.500 (2nd)
Shradha B.8.550 (9th)9.250 (7th)8.850 (9th)9.000 (10th)35.650 (9th)
Amelia T.8.450 (8th)9.150 (4th)8.600 (10th)9.100 (5th)35.300 (8th)
Ella G.8.275 (12th)8.700 (12th)8.925 (8th)9.400 (6th)35.300 (10th)
Abigail H.8.600 (8th)8.900 (10th)9.100 (6th)8.700 (12th)35.300 (10th)
Leah S.8.600 (5th)9.650 (1st)8.200 (7th)8.800 (8th)35.250 (6th)
Claire R.8.100 (10th)8.650 (8th)8.900 (9th)9.050 (8th)34.700 (9th)
Claire B.7.800 (10th)8.900 (8th)8.700 (7th)8.400 (10th)33.800 (10th)
Riyana P.8.350 (6th)8.050 (10th)8.300 (10th)8.850 (9th)33.550 (10th)


Olivia M.9.200 (1st)8.700 (2nd)9.350 (2nd)9.550 (2nd)36.800 (1st)
Sara B.8.800 (3rd)8.200 (4th)9.325 (4th)9.300 (2nd)35.625 (3rd)
Kara V.9.100 (4th)8.000 (8th)8.800 (6th)9.000 (7th)34.900 (7th)
Amy A.8.700 (6th)7.500 (8th)9.375 (1st)9.000 (6th)34.575 (6th)
Nicole Z.8.650 (7th)7.750 (7th)9.150 (3rd)8.750 (7th)34.300 (7th)
Angelina B.8.850 (8th)7.300 (10th)8.850 (5th)8.900 (8th)33.900 (9th)
Payton C.8.500 (8th)7.950 (6th)7.850 (9th)8.800 (7th)33.100 (7th)
Julia S.8.600 (5th)6.650 (9th)8.150 (7th)8.900 (6th)32.300 (8th)
Cadence G.0.000 (9th)7.800 (7th)8.800 (8th)0.000 (9th)15.800 (9th)
2021 NGA Regional Championship
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