Women’s Gymnastics Teams

Our teams compete within USA Gymnastics Xcel.

GU Team Program Mission & Philosophy

Our goal is to provide training and a competitive atmosphere where all athletes at every level can strive for their athletic goals in a positive, safe, and fun environment. Every athlete must train at a level that provides daily challenges while maintaining the athlete with safety, personal satisfaction, and the opportunity to achieve their personal best. Athletes must compete at a level where they can perform comfortably, safely, and successfully. No path for any two athletes will be identical as each child has their own needs, rates of development, and personal goals. Team athletes should be dedicated to the sport of gymnastics but not at the expense of their development as a well-rounded, happy, healthy, smart child of good character.

About USA Gymnastics Xcel

The Xcel Program from USA Gymnastics program designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience. We offer five levels of Xcel: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. There are no compulsory levels, meaning all routines are choreographed to show off the individual gymnast’s strengths and personality.

How to Join

Participation in GU’s competitive program is by invitation-only. If one of our staff members feels your child is ready, they will approach you to discuss the possibility of joining the competitive track. If you feel your child is dedicated to the sport and physically capable of meeting the demands of our competitive program, or you would like your child to transfer from another gym’s team, please contact our Team Manager, Coach Barb (coachbarb@gu-nj.com) to discuss setting up an evaluation.

gymnastics unlimited team

gymnastics unlimited team

gymnastics unlimited team


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