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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Click on “Gymnastics” or “Ninja” from the main menu to find the class that is right for your child. Then, simply click “Register” next to the desired class. If there is a “Wait List,” you can add yourself to the wait list and be notified when space is available.

When can I start?

Our classes run on a rolling basis, continuing from month to month. Your child can hop in any time and quickly be caught up.

Can I do a trial class?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently unable to offer trial classes.

How is tuition billed?

Tuition is paid monthly. There is a $35 (one student) or $55 (multiple students) annual registration fee charged to your account on the day you register, and on the anniversary of that day every year if you’re still enrolled in classes.

Tuition is paid monthly using a credit card or debit card on file (Visa or MasterCard). Tuition is billed automatically on the 22nd of each month for the following month. If there are any changes to your credit card or debit card, the information must be received by the 17th of the month or else we will attempt to use the outdated card. If your credit card is declined, your account will be charged $25 per attempt and students will not be permitted in class. Returned checks will result in an automatic $30 fee to the customer’s account.

Outstanding accounts beyond (30) days will be turned over to a private collection service, and the customer will be held responsible for all additional collection costs.

How do I withdraw from a class?

If you wish to withdraw from a program, a withdraw form, must be received by the 17th of the month prior in order for you to be removed from the automatic payment plan. After the payment goes through on the 22nd, we cannot refund you.

What is your drop-off/pick-up procedure?

Due to COVID-19, our lobby is currently closed to help reduce our total headcount in the building. Parents are welcome to drop off or wait in their cars during class.

Drop-off: Please arrive 5 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin. Pull up to the front door for drop-off.

Pick-up: Pull into a parking spot; we will bring your child to your parking spot after class.

Can I watch class?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our lobby and Kinder Barn are currently closed to parents. We do offer a private video screening service for parents called SpotTV, where you can observe class from your phone or computer.

We hold an annual Observation Week during your normal class time, and we encourage parents and relatives to come and see their child’s abilities. We do not allow parents to observe throughout the year because it is distracting to the students, who pay less attention to their coach and their surroundings as a result.

How will I know if my child is ready to move to a different class?

Our coaches track your child’s progress and approach you when they have shown the proper skills, discipline, and maturity necessary to be promoted to a different class. If you ever have any questions about your child’s progress, we encourage talking to your child’s coaches. You can also track your child’s skills from your account in the Parent Portal.

Do I have to stay while my child is in class?

Unless your child is unable to use the bathroom by themselves, you may leave and come back when their class is over. We cannot assist children in the bathroom per official USA Gymnastics rules. If you are going to leave while your child is in class, please make sure the office has the correct cell phone number on file so we have a method contacting you in the event of an emergency.

What if I am late for pickup?

We understand that traffic gets congested, or that children in other activities may require picking up first. If you are going to be more than a couple minutes late, we ask that you call us at 908-782-8887 to let us know. Parents who are regularly late for pickup will be charged a late fee for every 15 minutes after class that their child is in our care.

What if my child misses a class? Can they do a make-up?

With our reduced class sizes due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently unable to offer make-up classes.

Are the instructors certified?

Yes, our instructors are certified through USA Gymnastics, which is the sole national governing body for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. USA Gymnastics sets the rules and policies that govern gymnastics in this country. Our coaching staff is required to complete the USA Gymnastics Safety Certification Program. Our coaches are also SafeSport certified, First Aid certified, and CPR certified.

What should my child wear to class?

Children should never wear loose clothing in the gym, as it may get caught in equipment.

For girls: leotard without a skirt, hair pulled up or back, no jewelry. Shorts are allowed. Fitted t-shirts are allowed if your child is uncomfortable wearing a leotard. Please do not wear two-piece outfits, such as crop tops or midriffs.

For boys: gym shorts with no buttons, zippers, or buckles, and a fitted, tucked-in t-shirt. Ninja Zone students should wear their Ninja uniform ($29, charged at registration).

Are there changing rooms?

We ask that children arrive dressed and ready for class. Please minimize what you bring into the gym; street clothes should be left in the car. If necessary, changing is permitted in the bathroom.

What happens during the summer?

We are a year-round facility and offer classes to meet your schedule every month of the year, in addition to camps in the summer. We have air conditioning and heating that allows your child to stay active regardless of outside conditions.

Is the gym clean?

Yes, our gym is disinfected and thoroughly cleaned multiple times throughout the day. We are taking extra precautions due to COVID-19 concerns; please read our COVID-19 policies here.

To whom do I address my questions regarding billing, instruction, or general administration?

Our front office staff is always available and ready to help. You may reach them at 908-782-8887 or

Can I switch classes?

Yes, we will gladly accommodate transfer requests any time (subject to class availability). Payments already made will also be transferred to the new class.

Is there credit given for missed classes, camps, clinics, or private lessons?

No. Please understand that Gymnastics Unlimited does not give credit and/or refunds for classes, clinics, camps, private lessons, birthday parties, birthday party guests, or field trips, even if you miss or cancel them due to holidays, vacations, illness, weather, or other reasons. All sales are final for any product and/or service provided by GU. If you call ahead of time and alert us to your situation, we may be able to reschedule, if applicable.

Anything we cancel ourselves will be made up for appropriately.

Are you closed?

To see whether we are closed for holidays or weather, opt-in for our text alerts, check our Facebook page, or call the gym at least 1 hour prior to class. Our front entrance will have notices of planned closings several weeks before they occur.

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