Gymnastics Unlimited Facilities

Gymnastics Unlimited uses equipment that is age-appropriate. For younger students we have scaled down equipment in our Kinder Barn, a building that’s “just right” for students under age 6. In the main gym we have LOTS of matting and other tools for safe learning. Inclines help with rolls and kickovers, the Tumble-Trak is easy on the joints to allow for more repetition and faster skill attainment, and our structured Smart Moves program allows for proper skill progression.

Our 8,000 square foot main gym and our Kinder Barn gym are cleaned regularly. Floors are vacuumed, matting is washed, the lobby is wiped down, and the bathrooms receive extra attention. All of this so that we can provide the best learning environment for our students.

Our equipment includes but is not limited to:

  • A full complement of Olympic gymnastics equipment
  • Loose foam and ball pits (in-ground and above-ground)
  • Castle bouncer and rock wall
  • Trampoline, Air-Trak, and Tumble-Trak
  • Smaller equipment sized for younger students

For Families:

  • Air conditioning
  • Free Wi-Fi and Internet access
  • Great outdoor play space and picnic benches
  • A quiet zone for homework or office work in the Kinder Barn
  • Pro Shop of leos, grips, and more
  • Coffee, cold drinks, and snacks