Situated in a beautiful park-like setting, Gymnastics Unlimited provides Hunterdon families with an alternative to a typical gymnastics school. We’re a safe, fun place to learn, and our mission is to help children become healthy, productive adults.

We pride ourselves in our up-to-date facilities and friendly staff. We want you to feel at home here! All of our coaches are experienced and up to date in CPR, First Aid, and other important qualifications. They also have a range of unique skill sets and backgrounds — one has been here since she was a little gymnast, one is a judge for competitive gymnastics, one is a circus artist, one is a local school teacher, and so on.

Classes run on a rolling basis. You can join a class or transfer to a different time slot any time of the year, even summer. Tuition for recreational classes is charged monthly, so you’re only committed to a month at a time. If you need to switch sports for a season or take a break, you can withdraw and re-enroll when you’re ready to return.

We keep a 1 to 8 teacher-to-student ratio. Our coaches will get to know the personal ambitions and needs of each of their students. 

We teach children from 12 months to 17 years! All lessons are designed and taught according to what is socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically appropriate for each age group.

We accept any skill level and background – beginners, experienced gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders, and more. Our coaches have taught a wide variety of personalities. Whether your child is high energy, stubborn, shy, or nervous, we’ll find a way to make them feel safe and fulfilled. Do you have a special needs child? Whether their needs are physical, developmental, or emotional, special needs children are welcome to join any of our regular classes. 

We have co-ed classes and classes specifically for boys, too. Ninja is a boys’ favorite!

Our classes are designed to be fun. Children learn through play, and we want our classes to provide a positive experience on top of fitness and skill.

If you’re looking for one-on-one attention, we also offer private lessons.

Is your child more passionate than normal about the sport? Do they want more challenge? We offer pre-teams and competitive teams. Talk with a coach or call for a screening to take the next step! We help our team members reach their greatest potential. We have had state, regional, and national champions throughout the years, and plenty of gymnasts who use their experience here to excel in college and career.

We offer flexible, activity-packed summer camps from June to August. They are outdoors and indoors, and don’t need to worry about rain or heat!

We are a gym for the whole community — our families have helped us win “Best Gymnastics School” on the Hunterdon Happening List for the past eight years. The gym has been operating for almost 50 years now.

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