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We don’t just run classes and camps here at GU — we also have a variety of pre-teams and competitive teams that have produced many State, Regional, and National Champions!

All of our team and pre-team programs are recommendation-based. In order to join one, your gymnast must either schedule a screening with Coach Barb ( or, if they already take recreational classes here, discuss team options with their coach. If the coach believes their skill level matches that of a pre-team or team, they may be recommended for one.


Our Gym Stars pre-teams are non-competitive groups that prepare gymnasts for competitive teams by increasing strength and flexibility, building independence and teamwork, and mastering core skills that are the foundation to competition. Pre-team gymnasts get the option to participate in the recreational All School Meet each year.

Competitive Teams

Teams compete in meets and require more commitment than pre-teams do, from gymnasts and their parents. Team is a special commitment it involves the whole family, even if it’s only one child competing. The friendships and bonds gymnast create with one another are usually closer than their classmates at school. We can think of no other sport that challenges the body, mind, and emotions as much as gymnastics does. That’s what makes it so special. Our hope is for the parent to always be the total cheerleader for their child and let the coach be the one with corrections and critiques. Always be cautious to make sure the sport belongs and remains with the child. Share their dreams and support them, while making sure to focus on the whole child and not just the athlete. The higher you go, the tougher the skills, and the longer it takes to perfect them. Remember: practice makes progress, not practice makes perfect.

Xcel Team – This competitive program offers an all-optional program with different skill and level requirements for each skill levels. It is designed to combine all levels of competitive gymnastics into one program, from beginner-skill level to college bound-skill.

Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T) –  T&T is a fast-growing gymnastics discipline that includes competition in trampoline, synchronized trampoline, double mini trampoline, and power tumbling.

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Athletes must compete at a level where they can perform comfortably, safely, and successfully. No path for any two athletes will be identical, as each child has their own needs, rates of development, and personal goals. Team athletes should be dedicated to the sport of gymnastics but not at the expense of their development as a well-rounded, happy, healthy, smart child of good character.

Team and pre-team athletes commit to a whole year of gymnastics, so make sure your child really loves the sport before they sign! Parents are also expected to assist at meets and fundraising events. A season generally starts midsummer. If you want information on practice schedules, pricing, uniforms, and other details, please speak with your coach or Coach Barb (

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