Gymnastics Unlimited

Performance Team

The Performance Team learns and shows off a mix of artistic, rhythmic, and acrobatic gymnastics, as well as circus arts, at a minimum of 4 local events each year. The team meets once a week to practice their routines.

It’s a great way to spread the excitement and beauty that is GYMNASTICS!!! Performing exhibitions at community events is the perfect way to get everyone interested. It also helps increase kids’ overall confidence and reduce shyness and stage fright.

This team has performed in local parades, festivals, baseball games, farmers markets, senior homes, and more.

  • Beginners welcome. Open to all ability levels.
  • Student’s first uniform is included in tuition. Additional uniforms are not included and must be paid for.
  • Those not currently enrolled in regular classes pay the normal 50-minute class price of $93.00.

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