JOGA State Championship 2021

On May 22, our JOGA team competed in the State Championship meet at Everest Gymnastics in Galloway, NJ. Special congratulations to Isabel D. for ending her senior year with a state title on the beam! Senior Anna D. was also awarded a scholarship from IGC.

gymnastics unlimited joga team

Full results:

Isabel DeVita36.800 (8th)8.550 (1st)8.550 (8th)7.350 (8th)31.250 (4th)
Anna Dwyer37.100 (7th)7.625 (5th)8.700 (6th)7.800 (5th)31.225 (5th)
Brianna Riedmueller36.600 (10th)7.400 (7th)8.650 (7th)7.650 (7th)30.300 (10th)
Alena Graziani46.250 (10th)7.100 (8th)8.000 (11th)7.450 (7th)28.800 (10th)
Katherine Melillo46.500 (7th)5.500 (12th)8.100 (10th)7.300 (8th)27.400 (12th)
JOGA State Championship 2021
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