Flip 4 a Cause Virtual Meet

Gymnastics meet season has begun – virtually! This year, Gymnastics Unlimited is competing in the National Gymnastics Association (NGA) league due to their robust virtual meet schedule. Not only does a virtual meet allow gymnasts to safely compete during these unprecedented times, but it also allows gymnast to compete against teams from all over the country without having to travel.

Gymnastics Unlimited’s competitive teams participated in their first virtual gymnastics meet of the season on January 23-January 31. The Flip 4 a Cause meet, benefiting the Special Olympics, was hosted by The Flip Zone in Plainfield, Indiana. Gymnasts’ routines were recorded live and then uploaded to a virtual scoring platform.


First place finishes:

  • Ally R (level 8) on vault, bars, floor, and all-around
  • Sofia T. (level 6) on bars, beam, floor, and all-around
  • Sophia M. (level 6) all-around
  • Olivia M. (platinum) on bars
  • Leah S. (gold) on bars
  • Gwen S. (level 4) on beam
  • Violet A. (level 5) on beam
  • Brooke B. (level 7) on floor

2nd place finishes:

  • Carolyn G. (level 3) on beam
  • Kelly R. (level 3) on beam
  • Gwen S. (level 4) on vault
  • Illiriana M. (level 4) on beam
  • Sophia M. (level 6) on vault
  • Brooke B. (level 7) on bars
  • Ally R. (level 8) on beam
  • Olivia M. (platinum) all-around
  • Sara B. (platinum) on floor
  • Sophie W. (platinum) on beam

3rd place finishes:

  • Samantha Y. (level 3) on bars
  • Christianna G. (level 4) on beam
  • Annaleigh M. (level 5) on bars
  • Sophia M. (level 6) on bars
  • Olivia M. (platinum) on floor
  • Sara B. (platinum) on bars

Levels 3-4 Team:

gymnastics unlimited levels 3 and 4 competitive team

Levels 5-8 Team:

Xcel Teams:

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