Class Observation

Great news: We are bringing back parent observations! We want you to see the wonderful things that are happening in our gym, and so for the month of October, will be trialing a new form of parent observation. During the indicated dates below, parents may enter the gym and view their child’s class from our upstairs area.

  • Future Stars: Oct 3-8
  • Rising Stars and Galaxy: Oct 10-15
  • Kinder Stars & Gym Stars: Oct 17-23
  • Little Stars, Ninja & Tumbling: Oct 24-29

Please note: Observation is strictly for your child’s class during the indicated week. We do not have enough space to safely allow all parents to watch from the upstairs balcony at all times.

A maximum of two family members are allowed in the observation area. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate large groups of viewers. We encourage you to continue using SpotTV if this does not work for your family. If you are planning on bringing another child with you, they must be supervised at all times. The upstairs area is not a play space. If we feel there is a safety issue, we will ask you to move back into the lobby.

Observation times are for observation only, please refrain from communicating with your child until after the class finishes. Photography is permitted but must be limited to your child only.

You will be walking through our gym space to get upstairs, so please be considerate of our training athletes. Access to the equipment is NOT permitted.

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