2021 NGA National Championship

On June 3 and 4, our NGA teams competed virtually in the inaugural National Gymnastics Association National Championship. Our gymnasts competed against over 800 gymnasts across the country and brought home 10 national titles and so many additional top 10 placements. We are so incredibly proud of all of our gymnasts for their endless hard work and dedication this season.

Level 2
Team Ranking: 2nd Beam, 7th Bars, 7th Floor, 7th All-Around

gymnastics unlimited level 2 nga team

Maeve R.9.100 (9th)9.400 (6th)9.600 (3rd)9.400 (6th)37.500 (6th)
Halle R.9.000 (11th)8.900 (8th)9.350 (2nd)9.500 (2nd)36.750 (4th)
Shannon P.9.000 (10th)9.200 (7th)9.400 (6th)8.800 (14th)36.400 (8th)
Juliette S.9.000 (10th)8.350 (13th)9.300 (8th)9.300 (10th)35.950 (9th)
Kallista D.8.900 (12th)8.900 (8th)9.475 (1st)8.500 (14th)35.775 (10th)
Allie D.8.900 (12th)8.500 (12th)9.000 (9th)9.250 (12th)35.650 (12th)
Alexandria D.8.700 (13th)8.850 (10th)9.250 (7th)8.800 (11th)35.600 (11th)
Evie M.8.650 (14th)8.850 (10th)8.900 (11th)9.100 (9th)35.500 (12th)

Level 3
Team Ranking: 3rd Vault, 7th Beam, 9th All-Around

gymnastics unlimited nga level 3 teama

Carolyn G.9.400 (3rd)9.650 (3rd)9.700 (1st)9.400 (5th)38.150 (2nd)
Samantha Y.9.150 (5th)9.550 (2nd)9.000 (8th)9.500 (3rd)37.200 (4th)
Kelly R.9.200 (4th)9.100 (10th)9.500 (4th)9.350 (5th)37.150 (5th)
Mackenzie S.9.350 (5th)9.050 (11th)9.000 (9th)8.800 (13th)36.200 (11th)

Level 4
Team Ranking: 3rd Vault, 7th Beam, 7th All-Around

gymnastics unlimited nga level 4 team

Gwen S.9.500 (1st)9.200 (4th)9.675 (2nd)9.200 (8th)37.575 (3rd)
Illiriana M.9.475 (3rd)9.500 (1st)9.000 (9th)9.400 (6th)37.375 (4th)
Christianna G.9.450 (4th)9.150 (9th)9.550 (4th)9.100 (12th)37.250 (8th)
Sophia M.9.350 (4th)9.050 (6th)8.850 (11th)9.000 (12th)36.250 (9th)

Level 5

Violet A.9.550 (1st)7.200 (14th)9.050 (8th)9.400 (5th)35.200 (8th)

Level 6
Team Ranking: 8th Beam, 9th All-Around

gymnastics unlimited nga level 6 team


Sofia T.9.250 (5th)9.050 (6th)9.350 (6th)9.650 (1st)37.300 (3rd)
Laurel R.8.900 (14th)7.700 (12th)9.000 (9th)9.400 (8th)35.000 (11th)
Dakota B.9.200 (8th)7.650 (13th)8.900 (10th)8.700 (18th)34.450 (13th)

Level 7
Team Ranking: 2nd Vault, 2nd Beam, 7th All-Around

gymnastics unlimited level 7 and 8 team

Olivia S.9.400 (2nd)8.800 (9th)9.350 (6th)9.300 (8th)36.850 (6th)
Brooke B.9.300 (3rd)8.300 (11th)9.550 (1st)9.500 (5th)36.650 (8th)
Payton F.9.275 (5th)8.500 (8th)8.800 (4th)9.200 (10th)35.775 (6th)
Allison G.9.150 (9th)7.400 (11th)8.900 (6th)9.400 (7th)34.850 (9th)

Level 8

Ally R.9.250 (5th)8.100 (7th)9.300 (4th)9.500 (4th)36.150 (6th)

Team Ranking: 8th Bars

gymnastics unlimited level gold team

Leah S.9.350 (1st)9.500 (4th)8.875 (7th)9.275 (9th)37.000 (5th)
Cara V.8.500 (11th)9.400 (4th)8.650 (11th)9.200 (11th)35.750 (9th)
Ella G.8.200 (15th)8.850 (9th)9.175 (7th)9.000 (14th)35.225 (12th)
Shradha B.8.700 (13th)8.500 (14th)8.750 (13th)9.250 (9th)35.200 (13th)
Abigail H.8.750 (11th)8.600 (13th)9.000 (8th)8.800 (15th)35.150 (14th)
Amelia T.8.550 (14th)8.700 (11th)8.550 (14th)9.300 (7th)35.100 (15th)
Riyana P.8.450 (13th)8.700 (9th)8.850 (8th)8.750 (14th)34.750 (13th)
Claire R.8.300 (15th)8.150 (14th)8.700 (13th)8.900 (14th)34.050 (14th)
Claire B.7.800 (15th)8.800 (11th)8.250 (13th)8.000 (15th)32.850 (15th)

Team Ranking: 1st Vault, 2nd Beam, 3rd Floor, 3rd All-Around

gymnastics unlimited nga platinum team

Olivia M.9.500 (1st)9.200 (2nd)9.000 (6th)9.350 (5th)37.050 (1st)
Kara V.9.200 (7th)8.900 (7th)9.150 (6th)9.450 (6th)36.700 (6th)
Sara B.9.350 (3rd)8.000 (9th)9.300 (6th)9.600 (2nd)36.250 (5th)
Nicole Z.9.050 (11th)8.200 (9th)9.225 (3rd)`9.050 (12th)35.525 (8th)
Angelina B.9.250 (3rd)7.600 (14th)9.275 (3rd)9.250 (10th) 35.375 (10th)
Amy A.9.150 (7th)7.550 (14th)9.350 (2nd)9.150 (11th)35.200 (10th)
Payton C.8.850 (14th)7.550 (13th)9.250 (7th)9.300 (6th)34.950 (8th)
Julia S.8.900 (13th)7.300 (14th)8.150 (11th)9.200 (12th)33.550 (14th)
Cadence G.-8.350 (8th)8.550 (8th)-16.900 (14th)
2021 NGA National Championship
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