Rising Stars

Rising Stars 1 – Beginner/ Rising Stars 2 – Intermediate

This program is for new students or students who have not yet completed the Smart Moves Level 1 and 2 curriculums in Future Stars. Skills taught include cartwheels, handstands, and rolls as well as lead-up drills for back handsprings on floor; round off dismounts and cartwheels on beam; introducing handstand flat back vaults; and back hip circle on bars.


Rising Stars 3 – Advanced

Students are ready to take off! This is where technical fundamentals, combined with the hard-earned strength and flexibility developed in previous levels begin to transform into powerful skills and graceful sequences. Students will work on back and front handsprings, aerials, and round-off back handsprings. Students will complete a front handspring on vault, while still concentrating on a tight, hollowed body position throughout. They will continue to strengthen fundamental bar progressions to help in the process of learning more advanced skills such as kips, clear-hip circles, and fly-aways. On beam, the focus is on handstands, cartwheel turns, and leaps, adding back walkovers and various mounts and dismounts.

Strong emphasis is placed on ensuring students continue to develop and maintain excellent form and technique as they begin mastering more advanced skills. Students will demonstrate front and back walkovers and learn a round-off back handspring. They will complete a handstand to flat back on vault, while maintaining a tight body position. Students will continue to work their pullovers on bars and will be concentrating on keeping legs together and straight. Back hip circles and double back hip circles will be master this level. Students will also learn a proper glide swing, which utilizes their increasingly improving strength, body awareness, and control. On balance beam students will begin to execute handstands, cartwheels, turns, leaps, and more advanced jumps.

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