Parent & Child

Ages 18-36 months

These parent participation classes  introduce beginner tumbling and agility skills. Children will develop balance, hand-eye coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and strength to help their overall development. Our fun setting gives you the chance to interact with your child and become part of their success.

Each child must be accompanied by an adult. The teaching ratio is 8 toddlers (and parents) to 1 instructor.

If you see a class below that has no openings, click on the words “Wait-List” at the far left of the listing and you will be notified when that class gets openings. Please limit your wait list applications to one class so we are able to get your child into a class more quickly. Thanks!

All classes Monday through Thursday 9:30 am to 2:00 pm Special Rate.

Little Comets

Ages 12-17 months

This FREE 30-minute class is a parent participation class where your child will develop balance, hand-eye coordination, awareness, and strength. All gymnastics equipment is used in this course (in miniature).