Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Go to CLASSES on our website to find the class that is right for your child. Then, simply click “REGISTER” next to the desired class. If there is only “WAIT LIST” you can be added to a wait list and be notified when space is available.  It’s easy and convenient.

When can I start?

Anytime there is an opening. If you sign up before the 15th of the month, you will be pro-rated for that month plus $35.00 annual registration fee, if due. If you sign up after the 15th of the month, you will be pro-rated for the classes you will be taking plus the next month tuition and $35.00 annual registration fee, if due.

Not sure about our program?

We offer a Risk-Free class for students who are new to our facility whenever we have openings. This $10 fee will be applied to tuition if you sign up in the same month.


In order to register for any future class, a one-month non-refundable deposit is taken, as well as, the annual membership fee.  All fees are non-refundable. Payment is automatic with the credit card on file. We accept Visa, Mastercard, debit cards and Discover.

In order to register mid-month, you must pay the current month’s tuition, a security deposit for the last month of the session, and the annual membership fee.

Tuition is paid monthly using a credit card or debit card. Tuition is billed on the 22nd of each month for the following month.  If you should receive five classes during the month instead of four there will be no extra charge although it will be considered a make-up for classes missed while we are closed for holidays.
If there are any changes to your credit card or debit card, the information must be received by the 17th of the month online or at the front desk.

If your credit card is declined your account will be charged $25 per attempt and students will not be permitted in class. If you choose to become inactive in the program, a withdrawal form, located at the front desk or by clicking HERE , must be received by the 17th of the month prior to withdrawal month in order to be removed from the automatic payment plan. All payments are automatic..

Outstanding accounts beyond (30) days will be turned over to a private collection service and the customer will be held responsible for all additional collection costs. Returned checks will result in an automatic $30 fee to the customer’s account.

How do I withdrawal from a class?

If you choose to become inactive in the program, a withdrawal form, located at the front desk or by clicking HERE. must be received by the 17th of the month prior to withdrawal in order to be removed from the automatic payment plan. All payments are automatic.

How will I know if my child’s ready to move to a different class?

Our coaching staff continually tracks your child’s progress and you will be approached when they have accomplished the proper skills necessary to be promoted out of their class. If you ever have any questions about your child’s progress we strongly encourage you to talk to your child’s coaches. If they do suggest your child be promoted, you must contact the office to make your new class selection. Parents will receive written evaluations upon request.

When is class observation?

Observation is the week of December 4-10 during your normal class time. We encourage parents to come and see your child’s new skills.

Do you have a waiting room?

We have a lobby equipped with chairs, for parents to sit comfortably and wait during class. We also have a large room in our KinderBarn, which is a quiet place for homework (with extra restrooms). Our beautiful park-like setting with picnic benches is perfect when the weather is nice. Healthy snacks are for sale in the lobby.

Do I have to stay to watch my child?

No, unless your child is not able to use the restroom by themselves. If you are going to leave the facility, while your child is in class, please make sure the office has your cell phone number on file so we have a method to contact you in the event of an emergency.

What if my child misses a class? Can they do a make-up?

Make-ups will be offered to class students for missed classes if we are notified prior to the start of class. Make-ups are limited to one per month. Make-up classes can only be scheduled via the front office. Make-up classes are only valid for active students and surrendered at time of withdrawal. If available times are not convenient, Gymnastics Unlimited will not be obligated to provide alternate times.

Are the Gymnastics Unlimited instructors certified?

Yes, our instructors are certified thru USA Gymnastics, which is the sole national governing body for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. USA Gymnastics sets the rules & policies that govern gymnastics in this country. Training and selecting the U.S Gymnastics Teams for the Olympics and World Championships are just two of their many responsibilities. USA Gymnastics has more than 13,000 professional & instructor members. The Gymnastics Unlimited coaching staff is required to complete the USA Gymnastics Safety Certification Program.

What should my child wear to class?

For girl’s gymnastics: A leotard without a skirt (which are for sale in our pro-shop), hair pulled up neatly, and no jewelry. For boy’s gymnastics: Gym shorts with no buttons, zippers or buckles and a fitted tucked in tee-shirt Ninja students should wear their T-shirt uniform plus headband with dark shorts.

What happens during the summer?

We are a year round facility and we offer classes & camps to meet your schedule every month of the year. One benefit to our facility is that we have air conditioning that allows your child to stay active in the comfort of a climate controlled facility.

To whom do I address my questions regarding instructions?

Please stop by, call or email the front office staff who will be able to send any communication to your child’s coach for you. You may also talk to the coaches after class if time allows. Our email address is

To whom do I address my questions regarding payment and general administration?

You can speak to any of our office staff. We can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 908-782-8887. Please avoid speaking to coaches while they are instructing or after class about billing, account questions, and class times as they are not able to readily access the data needed to answer your questions. Our office will be happy to help.

Are there changing rooms?

Yes, our washrooms are very large and serve as our changing rooms.

Is the gym clean?

Yes, our facility is cleaned and disinfected three times a week.

Can I switch classes?

Yes, we will gladly accommodate class change requests anytime (subject to class availability).

Is there credit given for missed classes, camps, clinics, and private lessons?

No, Please understand that Gymnastics Unlimited does not give make-up classes, credit and/or refunds for, but not limited to programs, class(es), clinics, camps, private lessons, birthday parties, birthday party guests, bring a friend, camps, play time, field trips, missed and/or cancelled due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather or any other reason. Gymnastics Unlimited does not issue refunds. All sales are final for any product and/or service purchased and/or provided by Gymnastics Unlimited.