Gymnastics Unlimited


Our tumbling classes are taught by former college cheerleaders. We’ve had hundreds of cheerleaders from area schools in Hunterdon County learn their tumbling skills from us. Our program helps improve strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility while having fun! These classes use the floor, tumble-trak, trampoline, and foam pit, and the learned skills can be used for cheer, acrobatics, and more.

Beginning Tumbling is for ages 5-8. In this class, we’ll work on the basic skills needed for cheer and dance, including cartwheels, back bends, kickovers, forward and backward rolls, and beginning back handspring drills.

Junior Tumbling is for ages 7-10. This class focuses on front and back handspring and tucks, as well as side aerials and walkovers.

We also offer Back Handspring/Tuck clinics, which are great for cheerleaders!

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