Gymnastics Unlimited

Camp Activities Schedule

7:45-8:30before care/Freebefore care/Freebefore care/Freebefore care/Freebefore care/Free
8:30-9:00camp welcomecamp welcomecamp welcomecamp welcomecamp welcome
9:00-9:30tricks and flipsgroup gamescoding with Dash Robot/YOGAcookingbounce house
9:30-10:30arts and craftsgymnasticsmystery madnessNinja Zone/gymnasticsgroup games
10:30-11:00healthy snack/free playhealthy snack/free playhealthy snack/free playspecial guesthealthy snack/free play
11:00-11:30acrobatics/sportsamazing racesextreme Nerf warriorgymnastics
11:30-12:00water activity/gymwater activity/gymwater activity/gymwater activity/gymwater activity/gym
12:00AM pickupAM pickupAM pickupAM pickupAM pickup
12:00-12:30lunchlunchlunchlunchFREE Pizza Friday
(full day campers)
12:30-1:00PM camp welcomePM camp welcomePM camp welcomePM camp welcomePM camp welcome
1:00-1:30group campsgymnasticsLEGOsarts and craftsthank you notes
1:30-2:30cookingNinja Zonecircus/gymnasticsgymnasticsarts and crafts
2:30-3:00gymnasticshealthy snack/free playhealthy snack/free playhealthy snack/free playhealthy snack/free play
3:00-3:30healthy snack/free playarts and craftsgroup gamesgroup gamestrampoline camp
3:30-4:00water activitywater activitywater activitywater activitywater activity
4:00PM pickupPM pickupPM pickupPM pickupPM pickup
4:00-6:00after care/$25*after care/$25*after care/$25*after care/$25*after care not available

Special Guests (Thursdays 10:30 AM)

June 18: Gone Paintin’ (Tuesday)

June 27: Mad Scientist – Rocket Travel – Celebrating the Moon Landing’s 50th Anniversary

July 11: Planetarium – Stars on the Go portable planetarium comes to us

July 18: Mad Scientist – Space Phenomenon

July 25: Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery

August 1: Inflatable Obstacle Course

August 8: Readington Fire Department Splash Down

August 15: Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery

August 22: George the Magician – Magic Bubbles and more

*All special guests subject to change without notice

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