With over 30 employees, Gymnastics Unlimited boasts a large staff. Instructors maintain First Aid and CPR certifications, and many staff members have educational degrees and professional certifications in their areas of expertise.

Gymnastics Unlimited facilitates on-going professional development through GU University.  GUU provides job training and mentoring services for our staff.  Classes are led by our top instructors and outside specialists in all areas of skill development.

Gymnastics Unlimited’s teachers, coaches, and administrators are the brightest stars in the business. Each staff member is hired for his or her unique talents and abilities and each member of our team plays an important role in the GU family. We look for credentials and hire for character. Our employees have over 100 years of combined experience working with children. We have local, regional, and national competition experience. We have trained local elementary school teachers, volunteered in the community, earned degrees, spoken at conferences in our industry, served on the board for many of our state organizations, and served our country. We are each vastly different and unique, but we have one thing in common… we have come together in one great place, Gymnastics Unlimited, to accomplish a shared dream of helping children to grow up strong, healthy, and happy.

How we train our instructors

First and foremost, we hire teachers that love kids. We don’t care what level they competed on a team. The major prerequisite is that a Gymnastics Unlimited teacher has to be great with children. All of our teachers go to G.U.U. (Gymnastics Unlimited University) This allows the new teacher to learn the philosophy and techniques that we have used to teach over 20,000 children. Training includes meetings, classroom time, and shadowing a master teacher.

We invest a lot of time and effort into every teacher before they take that first class on their own. This results in teachers that not only understand how to teach, but also why we teach the way we do. Many of our teachers have a background in elementary or physical education, which means they understand that a 3-year-old is very different from a 6-year-old.

After our teachers have learned the basics they can go for advanced training in such areas as CPR, First Aid, safety certifications, cheer certifications, preschool certifications, trampoline clinics, or state, regional, and national conferences.

In addition, we belong to the USA Gymnastics Association, XCEL, JOGA, NJ Gymnastics, Character Counts, and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

These professional organizations provided us with the most advanced techniques. But even with all of this knowledge, it still comes down to loving a child. Because when a child feels loved, they will learn.