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Love what you do. Join our team!

Looking for a fun job you will love? GU offers a variety of positions in a friendly environment. Students, first-time job seekers, or experienced coaches and professionals will find opportunity at Gymnastics Unlimited.

We look for talented individuals who have a love for children, a positive and friendly attitude, dependability, and initiative. If you have any special skills like technical prowess or specialized athletic experience, let us know – even if we don’t have a matching position below, we’re always looking for talent!

Are you in high school and interested in working as Junior Staff? Follow this link to apply.


Presently Looking for:

Preschool Gymnastics Coach

Are you faster than a speeding three-year-old? More powerful than a five-year-old with attitude? Able to leap over vaults and bean bags in a single bound? Then we’d love to meet you! We are seeking a qualified preschool gymnastics teacher.


  • Loves children
  • Born to teach and takes pride in helping children learn and grow.
  • Innately sees wonderful and unique things in each and every child.
  • Happy to sing out loud, tell big stories, listen to little stories and march with a bean bag on your head.
  • Personal experience in gymnastics (at any level), relevant experience teaching gymnastics, and/or relevant experience teaching preschool-aged children in any educational or active learning setting.
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and able to lift and catch small children


Front Desk Staff

Can you admire a first lost tooth, answer two phone calls, introduce new friends, and ring up a leotard… all at the same time? We are interviewing qualified customer service hosts for the front desk at our busy gymnastics school!


  • Born to chat, smile, greet, and meet.
  • Constantly amused by what children do.
  • Takes price in being part of the front line in a busy, wholehearted, community-based business.
  • Happy to put ice on a bumped shin, play peek-a-boo with a one-year-old, and decorate for holidays.
  • Happy to explain (again) what was emailed twice and posted all week.
  • Happy to review all possible class times for a five-year-old. Twice.
  • Prior experience in customer service.
  • Able to remember first names of copious numbers of children and parents.
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and able to smile, greet, listen, and laugh throughout entire shift.
  • Impeccable personal standards of integrity, character, work ethic, and respect.
  • 110% dependable, responsible, and professional.
  • Interested in being an important part of a team of like-minded gymnastics professionals who are fun, loving, ambitious, and amazing.

Responsibilities include answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, greeting customers, helping with birthday parties and special events, and more. The ideal applicant will have customer service experience, the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment, excellent communication skills, familiarity with Microsoft Office, a friendly and outgoing demeanor, and expert organizational skills. Social media and web skills are a huge plus.



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