All School Meet


Come “Rock ‘n’ Roll” with us on Friday, April 12th for the annual All School Meet! Part meet, part show, ASM is a chance for recreational and pre-team students to put on a big, themed performance for their family and friends.

SESSION 1 (3:30-5:30pm, 4/12) is for Little Stars, Kinder Stars, Future Stars, and Gym Stars students who wish to participate.

SESSION 2 (5:45-7:45pm, 4/12) is for Rising Stars, Mini Stars, and Galaxy students who wish to participate.

The base fee is $75.00 for students signed up on or before January 19th and $80.00 for students signed up after that.

The base fee includes the custom leotard, which follows the Destira size chart. Sizing for the leotard and optional shorts runs January 14th to February 2nd. You cannot sign up or change sizes after February 2nd, as this is a custom order. Students MUST wear the leotard to participate. Optional custom shorts are an additional $30.00. Students can wear no shorts or plain black shorts (no other colors) if they prefer.

Destira Size Chart

  • CXXS (3-4)
  • CXS (5-6)
  • CS (6x-7)
  • CM (8-10)
  • CL (10-12)
  • AJR (12-14)
  • AXS (1-3)
  • AS (5-7)
  • AM (7-9)
  • AL (9-11)