Summer BOGO

For JUNE, JULY, and AUGUST only, we’re offering a Summer BOGO deal!

BOGO means Buy One, Get One. If you are enrolled in a class in June, July, or August, you get an additional class from that same program for FREE that month. Must be for the same program, same month, and same student.

This special offer only applies to recreational classes with additional time slots that have openings.

The offer does NOT apply to teams, pre-teams, classes with no additional time slots, or classes with no openings.

Check below if your class is eligible:


  • Parent & Child (only for July & August)
  • Little Stars
  • Kinder Stars
  • Future Stars
  • Rising Stars
  • Junior Tumbling (only for July and August)
  • Lil’ Ninjas
  • Ninja Zone


  • High School Gymnastics
  • Tricks with Coach Chris
  • Backflips for Boys
  • Circus Arts
  • Acro Class or Team
  • Gym Stars
  • Mini Stars or Galaxy
  • Performance Team