Why We’re Different

Situated in a beautiful park-like setting, Gymnastics Unlimited provides Hunterdon families with an alternative to a typical gymnastics school. With a  friendly atmosphere and professional staff, GU offers children ages 12 months to 17 years personal enrichment through gymnastics, cheerleading, and fitness activities. Safety certified instructors make learning enjoyable while using a structured program to promote growth.

GU prides itself in it’s 8000 square foot facility and the adjacent KinderBarn both filled with the latest equipment and maintained with your child’s health and safety in mind.

Our mission is to make children into healthy productive adults. We’re a Safe, Fun Place to Learn.

  1. Safety – Children must be able to trust their teacher before they can learn. Demonstrate behaviors that show children that we will always keep them safe and protected.
  2. Love – Children must feel important and cared about before they can trust. Demonstrate behaviors that show children that we care about them, their efforts and achievements.
  3. Fun – Children learn through play. Play is an important part of the learning process. The lessons must be fun, challenging and creative!
  4. Love of Learning – Children who develop a love of learning have a skill that will be valuable throughout life. We must provide opportunities for children to experience and witness the excitement of accepting challenges, the thrill of overcoming obstacles, and the adventure of learning a new skill.
  5. Developmentally Appropriate – Children learn best when they are taught in ways that are sensitive to their stage of development. All lessons are designed and taught according to what is socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively appropriate for each particular age group.